Training is essential for developing the skills needed to accelerate your professional career. For the manager, it is a productivity tool that allows employees to adapt to technological developments and market requirements. To meet these needs, ITTA offers a development plan and program to improve the performance of workers over the long term.

However, many employees wishing to follow external training courses  are sometimes blocked by a lack of funding. This is why we have established partnerships with various organizations in Switzerland. These terms allow you to finance and follow part or all of your training course. Discover in this file “how to finance your training in Switzerland”.


What funding for training temporary workers?

 ITTA offers subsidized continuing training for temporary workers subject to the collective labor agreement hire services. To date, Switzerland has more than 360,000 temporary workers, most of whom express the need for certification training. If you lack the means to finance your training in Switzerland while working, we have the solution.

How to finance vocational training ?

You can benefit from a grant from the Continuing Training Fund for temporary workers : Temp training. This grant covers all training allowing temporary workers to acquire additional skills in their profession.

The training courses subsidized by Temptraining allow you to progress in your activities and guarantee you a stable professional future. ITTA can help you finance continuing training thanks to its partnership with Temptraining. We accompany you throughout the procedure to prepare and submit your application.

But for this, you must work for an employer subject to the Collective Work Agreement (CWA) Rental of services. Contact us today to find out if you can benefit from this assistance and to discover the terms of this refund.

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Funding training for employees, individuals and the self-employed in the canton of Geneva

ITTA's training offers also concern individuals, employees, job applicants and independent professionals in the canton of Geneva. The latter generally need financing to pay for their training. If you are in this case, there are solutions to facilitate your access to these training courses.

Do you have one of these statutes and are you wondering how to finance your training in Switzerland ? 

The Annual Training Checks of the State of Geneva (ATC) are an excellent alternative for you. This check allows you to pay in part or in full for a course that is useful on a professional level, consult the training courses available at ITTA, eligible for the training check. Indeed, ITTA accepts training checks from the State of Geneva (ATC). If you lack the means to follow one of our training courses, these training vouchers will be of great use to you. They fall within the framework of the law on continuing training of January 1, 2001 and are intended for adults who wish to improve their professional skills.

To finance training in Switzerland with the annual training checks of the State of Geneva :

  1. You must first meet the conditions for obtaining. 
  2. You must submit the grant application before the start of the course.
  3. You will then have to complete your request with the additional documents required by the system. 

It is therefore important to familiarize yourself with the eligibility conditions before submitting your request for an annual training cheque. Otherwise, you risk seeing it rejected.


For job applicants registered with unemployment insurance

We offer numerous training courses designed to strengthen the skills of job applicants registered with unemployment insurance. These different training courses are part of the Work Market Measures (WMM), approved by the Cantonal Employment Office (CEO) of the Canton of Geneva and the Employment Service (ES) of the Canton of Vaud.

Our training offer is divided into 4 different themes: 

  • IT & Development
  • Office automation & Collaborative tools
  • Management & Soft skills
  • Multimedia & Digital marketing

All the training courses listed in the WMM catalog are accessible to your personnel advisor. He is responsible for processing and validating your request or registration.

The first step to benefit from this training is therefore to contact your advisor. The latter can also help you prepare and submit your application for funding. Of course, you must be registered for unemployment insurance to have access to these different courses.


Your professional and personal situation plays an important role

The various financing methods listed above are not accessible to all applicants. They are reserved for people whose professional and personal situation meets specific criteria. You must therefore meet these requirements before submitting your application. Otherwise, your application may be rejected. Whether it is for the financing of training for directors or employees, do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information. Our team will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to finance your training. We are also at your disposal to answer all your questions on all our training courses…


Our certifying training

Whether you are a manager or an employee, you will necessarily find the professional training you need in our 4 training catalogs and internationally recognized certifications. If you are having difficulty, use the search engine to easily find what you are looking for.

Once your need for internal or external has been identified, your registration has been validated, you will follow quality training provided by one of our trainer consultants who will answer all your questions and problems. You have the choice between several learning formats : face-to-face, distance learning or e-learning.

You can now identify the financing method that best suits your professional and personal situation in order to finance your training in Switzerland. Our team of experts is also available to support you from the need to the financing of your training.

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